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All About Tim

Hi, I'm Tim! I have always been interested in the outdoors. It must have been something about growing up in the Pacific Northwest – Portland, Oregon to be exact. I spent a lot of time outside – running on a local trail, hiking and boating in the Columbia River Gorge. I can remember Mt. Saint Helens before it erupted. But it was not until I went to college at the University of Puget Sound that I was really engulfed in what this corner of the world has to offer. I studied Psychology in my undergraduate years at UPS and was active with several groups to take advantage of short trips to the Olympic Peninsula, Mt. Rainier and the North Cascades. I began rock climbing and mountaineering and learning a lot about life in the outdoors. I volunteered with the Tacoma Mountain Rescue Unit for a while which is a story in itself… I continued my education at UPS to become a Physical Therapist and started working for Apple Physical Therapy in 1998. Now I work at Woodcreek Healthcare in Puyallup doing a mix of patient services, clinical informatics and IT management.

Although not my day job, photography is a passion and a means to show my creativity. I have always liked photography – but it was not until several years ago that I became interested in it enough to make it a part of my life. I purchased my first digital SLR – a Nikon D70 and began capturing the places I traveled. While in Maui, Hawaii on my honeymoon I walked in to Peter Lik's gallery and was astonished. I believe it was at this point that I said to myself that I need to become better at this; I wanted to show off my work.

I met Randall Hodges, a local Washington photographer, and he offered to take me out and introduce me to outdoor photography. It was that hike that convinced me I could be good at this. So here I am, taking pictures and publishing them on this site for you to see.  

Several years back I started taking photos of people and Tim Pierson Photography took off from there. I would describe my style as photojournalistic or "casual photography".  I believe photos are best when people are relaxed, having fun and aren't worried about posing the perfect way.  Sure, I'll pose you if needed, but more often the photo shoot is more spontaneous.  You'll laugh, and maybe cry - well just kidding, no really, you might cry because the photos are that great...  anyhoo...

Almost all of my images are available for purchase. I have several galleries to browse. Some of my galleries are password protected for the privacy of my customers. And speaking of customers, I offer my services to photograph your child, family, wedding and more. You can view details of my services here.